London Anarchist Bookfair 2016

Park View School, West Green Road, London, N15 3QR

Critisticuffs are doing four meetings and a stall at the upcoming London Anarchist Bookfair.

All our meetings are in LF6 - Learning Centre - First Floor, the first one rather early at 11am.

Looking forward to the discussion with you. At our stall, we will distribute the brand new Kittens #5.

Authoritarian arguments can’t help anarchists

A lot of people need to be convinced to remake society so that people’s needs are satisfied and people are able to pursue their goals without being dominated. Against such a world, people have all sorts of objections usually based on bad explanations for the existing poverty and misery. Often, when anarchos/commies agitate, they do so with authoritarian objections: references to well-known thinkers, referring to proud struggles or dissing an idea due to who said it without showing why it's wrong. We want to make some (non authoritarian) arguments against this.

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Universal Basic Income

Proposals for Universal Basic Income (UBI) are popular with people with very different ideas. We will discuss what these different people respectively want to achieve with UBI and how they understand the society we live in. Our claim is that, on the one hand, these proponents want to achieve opposing aims under the same name. On the other hand, despite these opposing aims, they share more than just the name: they are not interested in why in this society productivity gains produce poverty and how the capitalist state manages its welfare regime.

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Referendums: sham, the people's voice or a tool for rule?

“If voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal,” is a common critical take on elections. Yet, since voting in the Brexit referendum changed quite a bit and will likely change a lot more of how Britain is run, it's worth taking a closer look at what voting in general and referendums in particular do and don't in and for a capitalist democracy: what options does a vote offer? In what way is the rule legitimated through the results of a ballot? How come such a stable form of ruling asks for approval of the people in the first place?

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Natural appeal

Nature is often used as a synonym of good or right: paleo diets are defended on the basis of being the most natural for human beings, vegan diets as being the most harmonious with Nature, and even certain brands of tobacco promote themselves as being “100% Natural”. In this workshop, we want to show why nature is a bad argument by unmasking its origins in a misunderstanding of evolutionary theory. We'll also discuss all the misery it has inspired people to inflict on one another.

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