Love & Relationships

Location TBC

When asked what the most important goal in one's life might be, people often answer either to be loved or to find the one person for life. Such an answer is curious for many reasons. Just to name two: Firstly, why is this answer so common? If so many people tend to think about the goal in one's life so similarly, might there be something like a systematic reason for this? Secondly, people tend to perceive looking for the love of your life as something beyond the constraints of capitalist society, as something which already anticipates the better, more human, truly enlightened society. But why then are so many violent acts committed in the name of love?

In this seminar, we will take a critical look at what love as a feeling contains and at the role love plays in a society like ours. Furthermore, we will touch upon the topic of domestic violence and the extent to which it is related to love and concepts of love.

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