Brexit and Remain: The referendum is over, the fights have just begun

88 Fleet Street London, EC4Y 1DH

After any election or referendum, the next step usually is to move on, to move forward as a country united, down the new path. Yet, this time around, this seems to be not so easy. Journalists, politicians and many of the voters have visible troubles reconciling themselves with the Brexit decision, and the debate rages on about if and when to start exit negotiations, whether to have a second referendum or a General Election beforehand.

The discussions before the referendum were horrible. And now it appears that we are stuck with them still. In anticipation of more Brexit/Remain debates in the near future, we want to revisit a few popular arguments and allegations from both the Brexit as well as the Remain side and together discuss their merit. Are Brexiters more racist than Remainers? Are Remainers undemocratic? And who are actually the betters nationalists?