Here we collect scripts of some talks that we have given. Compared with our regular texts, these scripts are not discussed in as much detail. We hope they are useful nonetheless. Get in touch if you have comments or critique.

Critiquing Corbyn: capitalism isn’t about sharing

There was much hype over Jeremy Corbyn’s successful campaign to lead the Labour Party. What has been largely absent from the debate is an evaluation of Corbyn’s economic ideas and assumptions. In The Economy in 2020, Corbyn set out what his economic policies will be, if he becomes Prime Minister. A lot can be learned from this about how he understands the economy and the State.

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What's the deal with TTIP?

The EU and the US negotiate the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). The following are the core theses of our talk on what the EU and the US aim for with TTIP and why the state isn't simply chased by big business when making its external trade policy as a core of its economic and foreign policy.

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